If you are a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ukraine and would like to get involved we’ll need a few things from you too. Project sustainability is our top priority, and as such we need to make sure we include as many Ukrainians as possible. Therefore, to get involved we ask that you identify at least one willing and motivated Ukrainian artist that you will work with. Your role then becomes one of coach and mentor to help establish your Ukrainian friend as a registered seller on Etsy.com. PCLYou will give step-by-step instruction for registering an Etsy account and shop, and provide training on basic business management skills, all the while preparing your client to become a city and/or regional advocate and trainer to future Ukrainian entrepreneurs. You will continue your supportive role to entrepreneurs in your area, with the expectation of Ukrainian sellers assuming greater responsibility and program ownership. A supplemental, yet crucial, role  will be to tell your friends and family back home about the program and the Ukrainians sellers you have helped establish on Etsy to increase demand for our clients’ products. Supply and demand, Economics 101.

Please contact us at easternrinok@gmail.com if you have any questions. You serve a very important role for spreading the word to Ukrainian entrepreneurs and we thank you for interest and time.


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