Volunteers Needed! / Нам нужны добровольцы!

What is the foundation of Eastern Rinok? Our fantastic volunteers! Now, we need YOU!

We are currently trying to fill the following volunteer positions. If interested, please contact us through our email: easternrinok (at) gmail (dot) com. We hope you will join our team.

We also are actively helping our parent organization, Bridge to Ukraine, recruit volunteers for other organization projects.

Master List of All 6 Positions
Eastern Rinok: Artist Development Team Member
Eastern Rinok: Sales Development Team Member
Eastern Rinok: Partnerships Team Member
Eastern Rinok: Communications Team Member
Bridge to Ukraine: Refugee Camp Manager
Bridge to Ukraine: Communications Team (this team will work with the Eastern Rinok Communications Team)

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A New Milestone: $30,000 in sales!! / Новое достижение: $30,000 по продажам!!

The Eastern Rinok team has reached an amazing new milestone: $30,000 in sales! This is an incredible moment for our team. We are so proud of each and every one of our artists. Our artists work long hours to make the beautiful handmade items that you see on Etsy. We are thrilled that their hard work is yielding real success.

We are thankful for all of the people that make our project possible: artists, volunteers, trainers, our customers, and YOU!  Continue reading

Eastern Rinok 2 Year Anniversary/ Истерн Рынок Юбилейная 2 года

Year 2 has come and gone. And we can’t wait to see what year 3 will bring!

2014 was an incredible year for the Eastern Rinok project. We faced challenges: when Peace Corps Volunteers were evacuated at the end of February, many of our plans needed to be changed. But, in true Ukrainian style, Eastern Rinok adapted and overcame. In fact, we reached some amazing milestones.

Our artists sold 416 items for a total of $15,423.14 in sales this year. This is an incredible accomplishment.

We had originally thought that $15,000 in two years was a lofty sales goal. We were excited when proven wrong, as we crossed the $20,000 in total sales threshold on December 16th.
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