You Can Help Us Expand Our Impact!

To date, Eastern Rinok on has helped 28 Ukrainians open shops throughout the country and we are excited to announce a new project as part of our desire to continuously expand. In early November, the Eastern Rinok leadership team will be hosting an Instructor Training for 10 Ukrainian and Peace Corps Volunteer trainers. This training will prepare the pairs to return to their communities and effectively conduct Eastern Rinok trainings with local artisans.

Eastern Rinok alt1

Financing a three-day training for 30 people can be difficult and expensive, therefore we would like to cover the costs for all attendees. In order to do so, we need help raising funds. To date, we still need close to $1,500 by October, 2013, as it takes time to transfer funds from America to Ukraine. The good news is that all donations are made through the Peace Corps website and are 100% tax-deductible!

Click Here to Donate Directly Through the Peace Corps Website

At the training, each pair go through the entire five-part series of seminars in their native language, hear success and non-success stories, learn best practices, and gain practical experience on how to conduct, manage, and implement Eastern Rinok in their community.

Topics will cover:

  • An overview of the online marketplace
  • How to interact with customers online who purchase or are interested in purchasing products
  • How to market products to an international market of interested buyers
  • How to ship overseas
  • How to organize, manage, and run and online business
  • And much more…

Help us continue to implement sustainable change in Ukraine, donate today!

– Eastern Rinok Leadership Team


2 thoughts on “You Can Help Us Expand Our Impact!

  1. Im from Duluth Minnesota, My wife and I just read a story about Laura Ludwig in the local newspaper, We are planning a trip to mUkraine next April can we contact Laura for some travel advice on what to visit? Please have her contact me if she can…. Thank you

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